We are a locally and VETERAN owned company in Mobile, AL that specializes in beard care. Our products are made with premium ingredients that are perfectly proportioned for scent and feel. We make our products like we try to live... with Honor and Integrity. Nothing is more important than God, Family, and Country! We believe your LAST name is always more important than your first and you should never do anything to dishonor your name, family or country! We support our great military, their families, and our veterans - past, present, and future.

Our beard oil will help keep your facial hair ...

  • hydrated (hair and skin)
  • conditioned
  • looking and feeling soft/shiny
  • and smelling AMAZING!

Our beard oil will also help keep your facial hair tamed and manageable . It's not about being hippy or trendy, it's about caring and maintaining your beard, goatee, mustache (or any type of facial hair). You do the same for the hair on your head so why should your facial hair be any different? So don't shave it, keep it maintained with the Bearded American!